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Vintage Furniture; Sustainable and Chic

Vintage furniture is expected to make a comeback. With the recent popularity of mid-century modern design, it’s no surprise that retro-inspired pieces will return in style. Flea markets, local antique stores, and websites including eBay and Facebook Marketplace are excellent resources for sourcing beautiful vintage pieces that don’t break the bank.

As well as helping to curate a unique space, choosing to decorate your home with vintage furniture also keeps in line with another hot new trend, sustainability.  Natural wood finishes are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek products that will have a minimal environmental impact. In turn, there will also be an emphasis on simpler, more refined designs. Clean lines and muted colours are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to create a sense of calm in their homes.

On the Hunt

Finding the right vintage piece for your home can be a bit like a treasure hunt. You may have to search a little harder, but the reward of finding a truly unique piece which has already stood the test of time, is worth it! To make you search a little easier, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite antique hotspots. As well as what to look out for when choosing your ‘new-to-you’ pieces.

The Vault in Rosebery is an absolute must visit for any vintage lover! It’s a far cry from the stereotypical dimly lit antique stores you may think of. The Vault is a historical treasure trove with a sleek modern layout. If you’re looking for French/Spanish 20th Century pieces, The Vault has got you covered.

The Design Ark is a one-stop-shop for all things quirky and eclectic. This Eastern Suburbs store has a passion for sustainability and is the ideal place to shop for repurposed items to at eco-friendly flourishes to your home or office.

Viva Magenta

In keeping with the vintage revival, Pantone’s colour of the year, Viva Magenta, can be found in furniture across all time periods. Keep an eye out for that bold pink-red hue next time you go antique shopping!

What to look out for when Vintage Shopping

Find good sources and visit often: Once you have located some good resources, it helps to go there often. Get to know salespeople or vendors. They can provide you with plenty of information or let you know when something you want shows up. Vintage stores often reduce prices on pieces that have not sold after a certain time. If you check in often, you have a better chance of picking these bargains up.

Look for quality: Just because it is old furniture doesn’t mean that the quality is great. Avoid furniture made with inferior materials and poor workmanship. Every era has its share of well-made or poorly made furniture. Vintage furniture is no exception. It’s a good idea to research brands of the era you are looking for before you start shopping or bidding at auction.

Repurpose for style: See if you can repurpose the furniture. For example, use a small table for a nightstand or an old trunk for a coffee table. Unusual furniture in unexpected places gives your space its distinct style.