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Making the most of your Outdoor Space

The importance of utilising all the space in our home was truly emphasised over the last two years. More time spent at home meant that people gained a new appreciation for their living spaces, including their gardens. As such, gardening trends are now just as relevant as interior design.

So, what’s in store for your lawn in 2023?

Sun-Baked Terracotta Tones

As mentioned in our Interior piece about Pantones Colour of the Year, people are favouring warm earthy tones in their homes. Embracing a calming, grounding feel. Terracotta is a slightly softer red tone than its cousin Viva Magenta, making it more suitable for your outdoor spaces. Dusty, sandy neutral tones create a feel-good, summery palette, while natural pigments inspire harmonious earth tones. The colour terracotta instils a sense of relaxation in the home and garden. We’re expecting to see this palette boom as it combines saturated shades with soft and grounded hues.


The Sanctuary Garden

The popularity of mindfulness and wellbeing has grown over the past couple of years, thus the development of the Sanctuary Garden trend. Having an outdoor space, however large or small where one can immerse themselves in nature is invaluable in our fast-paced modern world. In our own outdoor spaces, we can create such feelings of relaxation by introducing water, using a soothing colour palette and by creating small, enclosed areas that allow us to take a moment to reconnect with nature. Planting in a wellbeing garden should focus on texture and form, not adding excess colour. Green is very relaxing and should be the main colour when trying to create a calming effect.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles in exterior spaces are trending. Whether you go big or small, symmetrical designs help to personalize your outdoor space. Small urban spaces can be challenging. Using distinctive tiles adds a strong design element, especially when combined with bold shapes and warm pops of colour.


As well as trending in our homes, sustainable practices are seeing a huge influx in our outdoor spaces too. Biodiversity, naturalistic planting and bio-based materials that put the planet first, are at the heart of this trend. As well as being good for the planet and saving on your water bill, having a garden that fits it’s natural Ecosystem requires less work and maintenance from you