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Layered Lighting

Establishing the perfect lighting atmosphere in your home is an essential component to a successful design scheme, here are some of the latest lighting trends for 2023 that can provide you with some beautiful inspiration for your space.

Choosing the right lighting ideas for your home, from fixture placements, materials, colours and styles, is hugely important, both practically and decoratively. Lighting can transform how a room looks and feels, it helps to make our homes feel warmer, comforting and of course, functional.

From sculptural, statement pieces to smart lighting and custom fittings, these are just some of the lighting trends that will set the design world alight for 2023.

1. Use Lighting as a Design Focal Point

Homeowners are seeking unique pieces for their homes that create maximum impact. From unusual shapes to innovative materials, there is an increased desire from customers looking to be more daring in their design choices. There is a demand for unusual and eye-catching light pieces that challenge every day and are show-stopping art forms in themselves.

Your choice of lighting can be a creative and artistic celebration of different shapes, materials and colours, enriching your space with an elevated look of visual interest and modern design.

2. Sculptural Pieces

Leading on from using lighting as a design focal point in a room, 2023 has seen many home owners incorporate statement, sculptural lights into their spaces; adding beautiful, artistic touches to a room. Sculptural lighting resembling incredibly beautiful and organic shapes from the natural world can add a welcome softness and fluidity to interiors.

From the flowing movement of water to the incredible silhouettes of mountain ranges, nature-inspired designs will continue to be a popular trend in our homes. With curvaceous shapes and arch structures set to be popular across architecture and furniture trends in 2023, sculptural lighting will work in unison, helping to create relaxed interiors that feel soft, calm and inviting.

3. Mood- Enhancing Lighting

Using layered lighting, from cosy table lamps to candles and twinkling fairy lights, to establish welcoming pools of light in the home, is renowned to make our spaces feel more relaxing and calmer.

Having the option of different lighting allows you to set the mood and change the ambiance in a room. As a key part of planning a design scheme, homeowners are paying far more attention to the way spaces in the home make us feel, as well as their function. From dim-to-warm technology to discreetly hidden accent and spotlighting, mood-enhancing lighting is set to continue to be a key consideration for 2023 and beyond, in particular in bathrooms, bedrooms and multifunctional spaces such as open-plan kitchens.

From welcoming pools of light created through cosy table lamps and floor lamps to practical task lighting in a kitchen or study, the right use of layered lighting can transform the mood and atmosphere in a room and ultimately help us use our spaces better whilst adding visual interest.